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Although it was a small group of investors that began this campaign, we are all Friends of Highland Park.  Many of you have enjoyed the benefits of this beautiful park in Fort Thomas, Kentucky and many of you have also utilized

the baseball field located there. 


As you probably know, baseball is a sport that is heavily contingent on weather conditions and we have all witnessed delays and/or cancellations due to poor field conditions.  Installing artificial turf would provide additional opportunities for our community and children to practice, play, and enjoy what we call America's Pastime.

Please consider purchasing a brick, making a donation, or promoting your business with a banner to help with our campaign.  The first stage of our project is to install an artificial turf infield, which will cost approximately $300,000.  The total overall cost to install artificial

turf is just shy of $1 million. 


We can't do this alone and absolutely

appreciate your consideration.

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